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WEBSITE up and running

kanineman93, Jan 30, 11 4:39 AM.
The website is finnaly up and going. please let me know any changes you would like or things that you are looking for feel free to post videos and pics of things and ask ?'s thanks for everyones support
Hello thank you for joining xXDDPARTYXx we are a big party and DF guild so if you don't like or can't do that you had better leave now. we are currently recruiting and taking donations so please if ya can help this guild out do it. we are in the process of messing around with this website so give us some feed back on what we can and should do.(if you go to the resource tap you can add things/priority's).
1.No harassing or spamming we don't want or need that kinda rep. 
2.In DF if a fellow guildy needs a party and you have non guild member in your party u will kick them guild members have top priority.(so far that has not been an issue and Kanine(me) and XJUDYX have been partying everyone at every DF so don't worry we usally woop ass to. 
3. There are ranks. your rank is determined on your level and other characters in the guild are yours. If a higher person asks u do to something or to shut the fuck up usally its a good idea to do it.
4.We have no patience for little kids or inmuture people if ya wana be stupid go join a stupid guild. 
5.We will be having a KOS(Kill on sight) list don't abuse it only high officers will be aloud to use it but you can request to have a name put on there. 
6.we are a smallish guild and are trying to increase size so donate ap (advnture points) to the guild please. 
7.ACTIVE USERS ONLY if you are not on 3-4 days a week you will be kicked unless you have told somebody and have  important matter that you can not get on.
8.have fun and enjoy the game its fun especially when you have a bad ass guild to talk and do stuff with.
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YES we are recruiting at the moment we will prop stop for a short while at 50 or 60 just to make sure that we have active users and that we are staying orginized. as of now the requirements shall be 1. must be level 21+ that may change depending on how we do.2must seem like good partying DF users. n
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